22 December 2009

Flower Power

Earlier this week on Elements of Style I read about Dandelion Ranch in L.A. I'm mad about their organically balanced arrangements. Do you know of any place in Texas (better yet, Dallas!) that does arrangements like this? Everywhere I use does tight, round compact florals and I'm bored with it. Any recommendations?


  1. Definitely check out the florists at Central Market. I know that's not the answer you were expecting, but they do things like this all the time and usually for a lot less than a standard floral shop because of the volume they do. Martina in Southlake is one of the most amazing designers I've met; in Dallas, ask for Jeff in Floral. Just show them a photo of a style you like and they'll build it BIG!

  2. Check out YaYa's House. www.thecherrybrandy.blogspot.com. They do amazing european styly florals. The designer, Melissa, is the best I've seen.

  3. Oh! I am new to Houston and love the posts about the city...but I wanted to tell you that Rufus Felix Flowers in Dallas is fabulous. Traci, the owner, is so creative and loves to use an organic and more free form style. Please look her up! And keep the news coming on Houston