05 October 2010

Everywhere: Obsessed with Kors & clogs

Maybe it's just a diversion, but I've looked at the Michael Kors spring 2011 runway show about 12 times in the last few weeks. I'm officially obsessed. Of course, it's clean and print-free - my idea of perfection - but the oatmeal-colored fabrics, tan leather, and dare I say wearable and beachy vibe of it all makes me think that this is my look.

Gotta get my hands on those platform clogs, but since I have to wait for a while before spring deliveries I'll have to settle for something similar. If these Jeffrey Campbell's had just a smidge less platform they'd be for me, but I don't know if I could realistically walk in them.
I can't tell if I love them or if they're borderline ridiculous. Discuss.


  1. Love the new Kors line, so clean and wearable. I am right there with ya on the clogs. Even went so far as to try them on at the Free People store in Northpark. They are shockingly comfortable, but did not have the olive green in stock so I didn't pull the trigger. And I am not a huge hell-wearing person, but for an evening when I'm not on diaper duty these would be great. Already have too many tan shoes...what are your thoughts on the olive?

  2. I really like the olive suede - a lot - but I just keep thinking that if I just get the tan I can wear them in the spring. I do need to decide because my practical side won't let me buy two pairs of the same kind of shoes. Argh. I think I'll go to NorthPark this weekend and try on the clogs for comfort and I'll just have to weigh it out. Will let you know what happens, but every time I see that girl wearing the tan shoes on the sartorialist, I go nuts with envy.

  3. the kors line was designed for me!!!!!