27 February 2011

Dallas: Bonnie Basham

As promised, here are some shots of Bonnie Basham Baby now available at Baby Bean.

I kind of want some for myself.


  1. this question has nothing to do with your post. since you're in the fashion bis and know a lot about the local fashion scene can you explain to me how the designer stores in northpark stay in business? they are always completely empty. and barneys??? how does a store that size keeps its doors open when there is no one in it, ever?

  2. You know what, Ann? I ask myself that questions all the time and I'm convinced that many of those stores have long-standing clients who receive items on approval from the stores' personal shoppers. If you're on that level - have enough $$ to get things sent to you on approval for you to try on in the privacy of your own home - I think that many of the clients just keep the items sent to them. Those stores are prob also fulfilling requests from other their stores, say LA or NY, and shipping to clients outside of the state. That's the only scenario I can come up with. But it's certainly a really good question.

  3. thanks for the explanation. those personal shoppers must spend lots of $$$