19 April 2011

Shiner: Shiner Ruby Redbird

I've never been a beer drinker, but since my friend Karla introduced me to her "beer-tini" (a combo of beer poured over crushed ice, fresh lime juice, in a salted rim glass) I've re-thought my aversion. The lime, salt, and ice make the richness of the brew light and super refreshing. So when I saw Shiner's seasonal beer, Ruby Redbird, made with grapefruit from the Valley and ginger I gave it a whirl.
I love ginger. I love grapefruit - from the years of me going down to the Valley with my 18-wheeler driving grandfather to haul his load of watermelons and citrus for Lyssy & Eckel. Now, all you beer aficionados will likely gag when I tell you that I poured this stuff over some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and then gave it a dash of salt and it was just what I needed yesterday afternoon as I watched my kids play in the water hose. My new summer drink.


  1. in New Mexico and Mexico that's called a Michelada.

  2. That is absolutely not called a Michelada. A Michelada is supposed to be spicy, not tarty sweet.