05 June 2011

Austin: Contigo

One more reason Austin's east side is the best place to be: Contigo. The restaurant is owned and operated by Ben Edgerton and Andrew Wiseheart and they were inspired by Edgerton's family's South Texas hunting ranch of the same name.
I like their earnest explanation for opening: not everyone is able to visit the ranch, so they wanted to bring the ranch to them. They like to sit outside, drink beer and margaritas, and eat good food with warm friendly people. This is the essence of Contigo.
And how gorgeous is this picture below? It makes me want to be there right now. All that's missing is some Willie Nelson and tejano music and I'd be in heaven.
Make sure you check out their website. Their blog will give you a good idea of how these boys operate, what their values are, and I guarantee that you'll be swooning as much as I am. And I've never even met them.
All photos courtesy of Contigo


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