30 December 2011

Everywhere: Blue Print Cleanse

I've been researching juice cleanses for the last few weeks and have finally settled on Blue Print Cleanse's Juice 'Til Dinner program. I've been afraid I'd set myself up to fail if I did a full on juice-only cleanse, so Juice 'Til Dinner seems like a more feasible option for me. 
My two-day cleanse begins on January 6 when I'll receive what you see above: four juices to drink throughout the day, a snack, a raw dinner, and a treat to finish my day. Do you feel like I do? Like you need to flush your system of all the booze and caffeine? I just feel...heavy. Hopefully two days is just enough for me to succeed without cheating. Won't you join me? Or tell you what. If I can get through this, let's try to do a full on juice cleanse in February. What say, friends?


  1. I start mine tomorrow.....goodbye chardonnay!

  2. Please let us know how this works for you. I'm interested in trying Dr Junger's clean program but not ready yet. Good luck with your cleanse!