03 September 2012

Everywhere: Alex and Lee

Have you seen the new necklaces by Alex & Lee? Originally the duo create items in the 70s for fans like Grace Slick, Elton John, and Salvador Dali. The vibe is like Mad Max serving cocktails to the Pharoahs on Planet Acid. 
 For resort 2012 Proenza Schouler teamed up with them for some spectacular pieces that once again brought them to the spotlight. 
 I nearly had a heart attack when I clicked on the history page on their website. It's almost too good to be true. Think a cosmic mix of the outdoors, chest plates, turbans, men in skirts, and fur vests. 
 In Dallas you can see the line at, where else, Forty Five Ten.
 The one below is my favorite. I love all the interwoven cord combined with the brass scarab. These pieces are so, so special. Maybe my next paycheck I can splurge. 

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