02 November 2012

Austin: The Rules of Basketball

I've never been a basketball fan. But when I went to my first game a few years ago (Mavs vs Lakers), I kind of flipped out. And then flipped out even more when I realized that what I was witnessing was something that one of my closest friends grew up with. 
Her late father was an NBA coach, as was her brother, and the stories she has about being in locker rooms, living on the road, and performing at half-times shows with Crazy George are downright nuts. Like, double nuts. 
So I'm really looking forward to seeing The Rules of Basketball, the Blanton Museum of Art's exhibition of artist Paul Pfeiffer's photographs that are displayed alongside James Naismith's 1891 document "The Original Rules of Basketball." It's a brilliant combination of what the origins of the game were - two peach baskets and a ball - to what it is today - definitely not two peach baskets and a ball.
 Read more about it here

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