20 December 2012

Austin: Stag

Here's the deal: I'm screwed. It's Thursday, I owe someone 500 words, my kids holiday program is today, and there is zero, zilch, nada under the tree addressed to my husband. He is the most difficult person to shop for. Why you may ask? Three things: He's abnormally tall so clothes are always out of the question, he buys whatever he wants throughout the year, and he's in a phase - which I'm hoping to get to - where he wants for nothing. But dammit, he's going to get something from me whether he likes it or not and here's what I'm thinking:
 A handsome Billykirk leather carryall

 A Bill Adler leather belt
 Garrett Light sunglasses
 A Hillside pocket square
And a Bison bottle opener. Now if I can just get Stag to ship everything up to Dallas for Monday delivery that'd be swell. Of course, I wouldn't have that issue if there was a store like this in Dallas. 


  1. I just looked at all their stuff. I am in a pinch too. I think I may call them and see if they can ship it out in time as well.

  2. Their stuff is great. I def wish they had a Dallas outpost, though. Good luck!

  3. Have you tried Pebble + Pine in the Bishop Arts?