30 January 2013

Everywhere: Bralettes

For the last couple of years I've eschewed my everyday bras for these sequin-embellished bralettes from Chan Luu. I love the unexpectedness of them, the sparkly peek from beneath a blouse or tee, and they are perfect for racerback tanks and halter style tops, the kinds of clothing that needs a bra, but tends to look louche or messy with one. Well here's a bra that you want to show off. 

 More recently my friend Nicole introduced me to Xirena. These colorful bralettes also have matching or mismatching bottoms and get this: they are water-friendly. For someone like me who's prone to impromptu water volleyball sessions, these are a dream come true. 
 Again, a colorful peek under your shirt, no painful underwire, and nothing here that screams underwear. These pieces are a fun little whisper of lingerie. How can you not be happy wearing one of these?