03 August 2011

Dallas: A few obsessions

I'm obsessed with some recent acquisitions, some items that every time I walk by or wear make me smile.
First up: My monogrammed guest towels from Anne Grace - if you've not been to Kerri Davis for her impeccable selection of stationery and gifts, you must run over and see her immediately. She's located in the back room of Cabana and it's hands down the best paper boutique in the city - and Niven Morgan Mustique hand soap and lotion. I had my towels done in the same shade of turquoise and I'm so glad I did.
2. Sue Gragg-designed gold and diamond hoop earrings, an 11-year anniversary present from Mr. H. The diamonds run around the entire circumference of the hoop, but on the front half they lie on the outside and then on the back half they run along the inside giving a continuous view of the gems. Genius. And Chanel's No. 19 Poudre, an iris perfume with musk base notes.
3. A new Dezso necklace.
Isabel Marant Dickers boots in chocolate brown suede. Jackie at VOD might have 2 pairs left. They are terrifically comfortable.


  1. Ahhh! The new Dezso necklace is too gorgeous... I am so jealous!