26 October 2011

Dallas: LAFCO

I had the lovely pleasure of getting schooled at LAFCO in Highland Park Village last week. I love walking in this place, but I'm always overwhelmed by the selection and don't ever feel confident enough to ask questions about products - the packaging is so pretty, but what the heck does it say?! - so I always end up leaving with something basic like a candle.
 So I welcomed the chance to get educated about this Florence, Italy-based apothecary founded by Dominican friars in 1221. I learned that not only are the products made the same way today as they were hundreds of years ago using natural raw materials, but because of this the concoctions are essentially homeopathic, perfect for the person seeking chemical-free products. 
 These are scented waters and talcum powders. Why would you want these? You can chill them and give your face and body a spritz for a daily refresher and the powder can be used to lightly dust your sheets for a crisp, clean subtle scent to slip into at night. 
 These seasonal incense smell deliriously good. The crimson box is my favorite; an earthy, almost terra cotta, clay pot kind of smell. 
 And this is Santa Maria Novella's first Christmas-inspired fragrance. Just in time for the holidays. 
 These bags of potpourri are a mix of Tuscan herbs and flowers. One Santa Maria Novella fan in Dallas came in the store and told them she pokes holes in these bags and leaves them in her closet. They last for months. 

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