30 November 2011

Austin: JM Dry Goods

We need longer have to fly and drive all the way to Marfa for well-curated goods from Mexico.
 JM Dry Goods has opened shop in Austin.
 I first met the owner Michelle Teague while I was in Marfa on assignment for Texas Monthly, which yielded the September 2009 Street Smarts column
 Teague moved to Marfa after working as a costumer on the set of "There Will Be Blood." 
 And she opened the store and filled it with beautiful blouses, bags, hammocks, and palm frond necklaces that she picked up on her travels to Mexico.
I bought a Mexican house dress from there about a year ago and I wear it just about every night and still have it on while I fix my kids breakfast and pack their lunches (I'm wearing it now). I wonder if I look like my mother and grandmother to them as I putter about wearing it. 


  1. JM Dry Goods is fantastic...we picked up several goodies there when we visited Marfa last summer. So glad she opened one in Austin.

    And that light fixture...holy cow!

    I bet you rock that Mexican house dress...seriously!

  2. That light fixture is amazing. Where is it from???
    X, an adventurous eater.