16 November 2011

Dallas: Bistro 31

For about a month now I've been going to Bistro 31 a little too often for lunch. There is something about the location and atmosphere here that makes me want to linger for hours over a glass of wine. Which, btw, I really don't have the time or alcohol tolerance for. 
The last time I was there I had a three-hour lunch - I convinced myself that I was owed 3 hours to bs over crostinis and pasta because I met a deadline - and the people that walked in with the same thing on their minds made me feel totally validated. At the table next to me was super agent Jan Miller (she reps Phil McGraw, Maria Shriver, Rob Lowe, Nicole Richie, the list goes on. If you're a writer, you know her), at the table behind me was the Dallas Museum of Art's Art Ball co-chair Julie Hawes, mingling in the back was writer Eric O'Keefe, and off to the side was blogging phenoms Hanh Merriman and Nini Nguyen
 And now that Bistro is serving breakfast, my a.m. hours are about to be hijacked, too. 
But I do have a question: Is the influx of relentless traffic in Highland Park Village killing you like it's killing me? I used to pop in to HPV all the time for a coffee, to pick up flowers at Avant Garden, take my kids to Mi Cocina. Valet for coffee? No, thanks. The new restaurants are creating a bit of a cluster, no? 


  1. Bistro 31 is a culinary treasure that make you swoon with its international dishes and European decor. The menu specialize in cuisine with French, Italian, and Spanish influences. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chef prepare fresh meals utilizing seasonal ingredients and entire menu change with the seasons. Thanks a lot.

  2. can't take the traffic! they are about to lose all of the regulars!!!!