27 January 2012

Dallas: In Moving Hell

My fantastic TS&S readers, I'm in moving hell. I spent more than 12 hours yesterday moving into a new house - well, not new, but a fantastic '50s ranch - and am beat. I need a drink. I want someone to unpack my boxes. I want to curl up in a ball and wish all the stress away. The past two weeks of slowly packing while also working, mom-ing, and wife-ing has taken time away from here, but I will be back in full force on Monday. Prom prom. In the interim, here's where I just moved out of. Our casa treated us well over the past several years. 

Once we're settled into the new place, I'll post some pics of that, too. It's a new chapter for us and definitely a new style of home. We've always lived in my beloved East Dallas, but the drive to my kids school was slowly killing me. Click here to see more from a wonderful post that style/SWOON's Sam did of Casa Hoitsma. All photos - except for the front of the house - are by her, too!


  1. That was a great house full of awesome memories, but WELCOME to our side of town! Regular champagne dates commence the second I deliver this baby. CS xoxoxo