10 January 2012

Waco: Kermit Oliver

Have I mentioned my obsession with Town & Country since Jay Fielden has been at the helm? Of course I would love it now that a talented Texan is in charge. 
Twice now he's put very Texas-centric items in the mag that have made me grit my teeth with scoop envy. The first was Miles Fisher - PS Miles, can you return my email? You emailed me first, remember? - and the second is the Kermit Oliver piece on page 38 of the Feb issue. 
I mean, really. Do you any idea how many times I've been in Hermes in Highland Park Village and they've failed to mention - even when I've SWOONED over these particular scarves - that the artist lives in effin' Waco? 
this may have been written while sipping on my third glass of wine. whatevs. 


  1. i like you on three glasses of wine...just sayin'

  2. this post is effing fantastic!!