06 March 2012

Everywhere: MetCon3 at Equinox

You guys know I'm always checking out the latest hot workout. Last year I was all about Tread and Beyond Pilates - both of which work - and this year I've embraced spin with John Terlingo at Equinox.
Above: Our instructor wrote out the order of exercises we were going to do on the mirror
 But last week I got an email inviting me to try a new class at Equinox called MetCon3. It's 40 minutes of a warm up, three hardcore ten-minute intervals that are made up of one-minute exercises, and a cool down. Are you doing the math? You do ten one-minute exercises in ten minutes, rest for 60 secs, and repeat. You do this three times and the idea is that you bring your bod to the brink of "I can't," rest, and then start over to "improve the storage and delivery of energy to the muscles." 
This means fat loss not just in class, but for up to 16 hours afterwards for women and up to 48 hours for men (thank you, testosterone). This class was intense, but Will - the creator - and the music were fantastic. And just when you thought you were about to die, you got a minute to rest. Totally doable and if I only have to do two 40-minute workouts a week, I'm game. Wouldn't you be?

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