27 March 2012

Houston: Toast & Laurel

I'm a stationery and gift wrapping freak. I go absolutely nuts over classically simple papers and I think it's a crime against humanity when I receive a gift that's been put in a lazy paper sack.  
So when I discovered Houston's Toast & Laurel, I kind of had a moment, a blip in time when my heart skipped a little over finding something that's so in my wheel house, so in line with my salutation values.
 There simply is no substitute for putting pen to paper and writing a thank you, a recognition, and little hello. And when you have gorgeous paper to write on, you're more apt to put it to use. 
 Wrapping gifts is the same. It means time was taken to do this, you're important enough that you deserve to unwrap something with giddy anticipation rather than reaching into a careless bag. 
I buy rolls of this paper from The Container Store and any of Toast & Laurel's lusciously thick grosgrain ribbons would pair perfectly. What about you? Does it bother you when someone gifts you something in a bag? Is a verbal or email thank you good enough or do you expect something more?

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