17 May 2012

Austin: Fresa's

Once again I find myself in a place of Austin envy because at the moment that's the only place in Texas where you can find Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon
 Everyday they slow grill chicken and hand churn eggs for fresh ice cream (they get these two key ingredients from Peeler Farms in Floresville, 6 miles north of Poth, Texas, where my entire family resides) so you can walk up or drive through to pick up what is seriously the most delicious "fast food" you've ever eaten. 
 They have the Mexican street corn, the barracho beans, fresh aguas frescas, and DIY margarita kits. Does it get any better?


  1. I had no idea that you're from Poth. My aunt lives there; I guess your family + Aunt Carol make up the entire population.

    And damn, that looks good. I used to be jealous because they're so close to the Promised Land dairy.

  2. OMG!! I am so from Poth, Texas!!!! My ENTIRE family lives there and I spent my summers there as a kid. Love that we're connected by Aunt Carol. Maybe I'll run into her at Circle G next time I'm in town. xx