22 May 2012

Austin: Ski Shores

 One of the things that I love about Austin and I wish there was more of in Dallas is family-friendliness. It seems that just about every place you go to in Austin kids are in tow and it's a-okay, downright welcomed. Do that in Dallas and you get looks. 
Ski Shores on Lake Austin takes first prize when it comes to welcoming kids. Every Friday is Family Movie night so while the kids eat their grilled cheese and sip on milkshakes they can also take in a fun flick while you have a cocktail. 
What kid wouldn't be entertained by this playground?

And new this summer: dockside pick up. Call ahead, place your order for burgers and fried pickles and they'll bring it out to you so you never have to get outta your water ride. How much do you love that?

Photos courtesy of Ski Shores' flickr site

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