07 July 2012

San Antonio: Acequia

I was working in San Antonio last Monday so I had to stop in sloan/hall to say hi to Marcus Sloan and get updated on what's new in-store. 
 He told me that in the fall, sloan/hall will begin carrying more clothing including - get ready - Balmain.  Then he led me over to some of the apothecary items and told me about bath and body line, Acequia. Based in San Antonio, the company has created some of the loveliest scents for their products.
 Granada was by far my favorite with its leather and tobacco notes, while the Pepper Basil was a fresh counterpoint. The line is made with shea butter, goat's milk, and aloe vera which leaves your skin not greasy, but thoroughly moisturized. 
And I love that the name, the Spanish word for aqueducts, pays homage to San Antonio's water wells which brought life to the earliest settlers of the area. 


  1. Love your post on our all-natural ACEQUIA Bath and Body Collection. Thank you! Our soapmaking family at Capistrano Soap Company is thrilled you experienced our luxury line made here 'deep in the heart of Texas.' The love is mutual ... we read your blog for great design news in the Lone Star State! kisses ...

  2. Wow that is so nice! Marcus told me all about your company and I just love your products!

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