23 August 2012

Poth: Modern Doghouse

I have to give some love to my younger brother Matthew who just sent me some pics of this recycled modern dog house he created. 
 Our aunt Eloisa has always had dogs and her latest brood, a group of Chihuahuas collectively referred to as Al 'quitos - short for chiquitos - now call this scrap wood and metal abode home. Using left over lumber and vents from a recent project, Matt created a modern dog house with an rooftop water bowl- all the better for Al 'quitos to admire the vistas of Seguin - and cantilevered the top to provide shade in the afternoon. 
 This is such an great exercise in sustainability and recycling. Who knew that a bunch of bits and pieces could be turned into something so artful?
I want him to build me a chicken coop. I'll let you know when I talk my husband into letting me get some chickens. 


  1. Oh yes I do so admire the creativeness done by Mr. Matthew Gato Ramirez. He built me a cue holder for my cue sticks, from pieces of wood he had laying around. It turned out very very nice. I would highly recommend his work to anyone.

  2. I told Matt that I am going to order one for Selina--she'd LOVE it! I hear Eloisa's babies love their new house and like to splash around in the water. SO FUN! Matt also did a really nice job on the deck outside of his place. Amazing, creative work! (PS: a chicken coop?! That's brilliant. I have actually already saved a few plans for coops and you know NHG around the corner has classes...)

  3. A little overboard with the comments but thank you anyways guys. Just utilized what lumber i had left over from my deck and in summation, had one 3 ft. piece 2x4 left over so I say I faired off pretty well without wasting anything. More or less was playing around with ideas! Without a doubt my forte is modern/contemporary styles and themes. Cue stick holders turned out phenomenal and I stained them a red mahogany and coated them with epoxy resin to set it off with a shiny thick glaze coat. Next project is a fully self sustainable dog house for a full grown German Shepard for my sister. End result- it will be awe inspiring!

  4. Oh yes I can't wait to see that come into play. Aside from that, we will be making Gato a website calling it Big Head Construction. His secretary Sin D already made his cards.