17 October 2012

Fredericksburg: Carol Hicks Bolton

In my opinion, one of two of the most chic places in Fredericksburg is Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities (I'll tell you what the other one is in the next couple days). 
 Her enormous warehouse on South Lincoln Street is filled with taxidermy animals, Belgian linen bedding, and gorgeous collections of curiousities. 

 Everything is curated to a neutral palette and most of Bolton's finds are brought back from European flea markets. If you want to discover your own treasures, Bolton will take you overseas and get you entree to her best kept secret spots to shop. 
 Never thought I needed a stuffed ferret on a log, but now I think I just might. 


  1. It's such a great place to browse. I was floored by how much great stuff she had.

  2. Thanks for highlighting. I'm putting this on my short list for my next Fredericksburg trip.