23 October 2012

Fredericksburg: Vaudeville

So the other fantastically chic place in Fredericksburg is home decor boutique/cafe/private event space, Vaudeville.
Smack in the middle of Main Street I saw a white sign with what looked to be an animal skull with antlers. Upon closer inspection it was two nude ladies mirroring one another in a stretched out sensuous pose with the letter V balanced between them. Love at first sight. 
 This is part of the event space. A bar with a Kyle Bunting cowhide mosiac.
 Shoulda bought these cubes and wood coffee table.
 The tea bar in the subterranean cafe
 Looooove the Thomas O'Brien Hicks pendants. I have the same ones in my kitchen.
Vaudeville-branded tea
 Jams and jellies.
Doesn't the menu look yummy?
 My latte made with their La Marzocco espresso machine
I would come to the cafe everyday with my computer and work, wouldn't you?


  1. Freddy Town is looking good. That store looks amazing.......any good bars in town?

  2. I hear that Buc's is amazing. It's next door to the Shamrock.