02 December 2010

Dallas: SMU Glossy

After 9 pm is my time to relax, but right now I'm having an 'effin conniption after scouring through 20 pages of SMU Glossy.
Have you seen this? If you're over 30 you've probably not and I'm def over 30. I'm not emotionally equipped right now to figure out whether it's pure jealousy and the in-my-face realization that my collegiate style was no where near as cool as these SMU kids or if I'm p.o.'ed that half of them dress better than I do now.

Photo courtesy of SMU Glossy


  1. i would love to comment on this being that i work there but it's probably best that i don't. i'll just say this... two words: filthy rich.

  2. Who knew!? Haven't see it yet either and well, I'm under 20.