09 December 2010

Houston: Sunday Riley

A few months ago when F|D Luxe debuted my column "State Wide" one of the first people I wanted to write about was Houston born and raised Sunday Riley.
Riley's press person sent me a slew of skin products to try and I'm down to my last drop of this extremely addictive dry oil. Over the course of 3 months I've used it every single day and it's given my skin a perpetual glow. I've got oily skin, but it hasn't clogged my pores, absorbs quickly into my skin, and moisturizes like nothing else. Love it, love Sunday, and headed to Barneys tomorrow to buy another bottle.


  1. I purchased Sunday Riley at the recommendation of my SA at Barney's - DeDe Fuqua. She is wonderful. I have used the Stim Serum III, Good Genes and Bionic. My skin looks amazing. I am nearly 50 and it has never looked better. I received a sample of the Juno and I like it as well. I have subscribed to your blog for the past two months and want to tell you that it is the first one I read on my Google Reader. You write the best posts.

  2. Coachwife6, you are so nice to give me such a nice compliment! Thank you! Also love that you love Sunday Riley. I think her products are just the best.