14 December 2010

Everywhere: Lay's Limon

This is a very random post, but I officially have a problem. My name is Kristie and I'm addicted to Lay's Limon potato chips.
I've never been a big chip eater but when I did, I liked to squeeze a bit of lime on them (if you've ever been to Mexico, you're familiar with the street carts that sell chips with lime slices and a drizzle of chili).
About a year ago I bought these and I can't stop buying them. Thank goodness I mostly shop at places these aren't sold, but I'm finding myself making special trips to Tom Thumb, Target, even 7-11 to buy these. This morning I was in my pantry and I shut the door behind me and shoved a handful of these tangy things in mouth before my daughter could see her mother eating chips for breakfast.

1 comment:

  1. Kayleigh was reading this post with me--said she would have these for breakfast everyday!