11 February 2012

El Paso: Dezso at NYFW

I had high hopes of posting these pics on Thursday night, but considering that I didn't get back to my hotel until who knows what time and then my computer cord almost electrocuted me, well, it didn't happen.
 But here are some shots from Sara Beltran's Thursday afternoon show in Chelsea at Root Studios.
 Sara had seven models clad in some simple and chic black wetsuits to let the jewelry be the focal point. 
 The models, some on chairs that Sara designed in India, were positioned around big pieces of driftwood with diamond-embedded neon pink shark jaws hanging from the ceiling while a series of iphone shots she took of some neon cord she shaped into a wave hung on the walls. Proof that things needn't be fussy or overdone for major impact.
Tomorrow I'll post some more shots of some pieces that will make you flip.

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