20 February 2012

Houston: David Peck

Just a few of my favorite spring looks from Houston-based designer David Peck.
 Peck, who btw is super easy to look at, plays the cello, graduated from Parsons Paris School of Art & Design, and worked at Paco Rabanne. 
 He launched his line a couple of years ago and it's all designed and produced in Houston.
 This grey and white strapless gown is gorgeous. It's made from organic cotton poplin/voile. I can just imagine how heavenly and light it must feel to wear. 
 What do you think? Are you as drawn to his designs as I am?


  1. the spanish moss print is my fav! great write up!

  2. That's great. I'm so glad that someone else is a Peck fan!

  3. LOVE this collection! Designed and made in USA is awesome too:)