13 February 2012

Fort Worth: Holy Kombucha

Have you ever tried this stuff? I just drank some last week and I've been thinking about its sweet fizziness ever since. 

Kombucha is a fermented black tea, natural detoxer and overall pick me up. Holy Kombucha is a brand I just happen to now love because of their business model and mission. Read about it here
I just wish the HK was easier to find. It's a little elusive and I wish you could at least order it online. 


  1. Thank you for your rave reviews of our beloved Holy K!! Our Dallas family is growing rapidly! While we hate to be "elusive", we are committed to supporting local businesses that support and give back to the community!

    We can be found in these phenomenal local Dallas establishments: Green Spot, BuzzBrews, VSpot, Zen Baking Company, Anns Health Food Center, The Gem, Granada Theater and Garden Cafe.

    We are rapidly adding new locations and can frequently be found at Deep Ellum Outdoor Market and Whiterock Market.

    Many Thanks-

    "Drink Well, Do Better"

  2. Jennifer, I am opening an organic juice bar in Dallas at Lovers/Inwood Rd and will be featuring Kombucha on tap as well as bottled branded creations. Please call me at 214-244-3270 to discuss how we might partner. Thank you, Tom Hennings

  3. Wow! I am excited to try this! Sounds very promising :)

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  5. Love this drink!!!! It has helped my digestive system that has difficulty producing enough enzymes to break down certain foods. I have felt bloated, gassy and miserable for many years. The probiotic tablets never seemed to help. This stuff tastes so good and I feel healthy.
    I would have to agree, it is hard to find. Wish you sold it on line. My last purchase, 1-1/2 cases, at Central Market, Southlake for $3.00 a bottle. Pricey but worth it.
    Love that 10% of proceeds go to anti-human trafficking non-profits.
    "Cheers to brewing happiness".

  6. Where in Fort Worth can you find Holy Kombucha?