04 March 2010

Dallas: Bows And Arrows floral design class

Have been in absolute bliss for the past two hours. The floral design class tonight at Bows And Arrows was so fantastic and Alicia Rico is an aesthetic genius. She gave us some insider tips - take the class so you can learn from the best! - on how to create a lush, textural arrangement. We started by greening using the inexpensive stuff.

Then we went around the shop and picked out what we wanted to use. Here's how it progressed.

It's been a rough two days, so I really needed something bright and sunny.
This is Alicia's arrangement. If you go to the shop Friday, it will be for sale.
She also showed us how to make boutonnieres. I have a wedding in Santa Fe this weekend, so I hope this will last so Mr. H can wear.
Some new ceramic pieces they just received. I bought a two-headed lamb for P's room - it's much sweeter than it sounds - and a bridal couple with a Unicorn-headed groom.
One of Alicia's pieces. Her husband, Adam, is an artist, too, and his work is in-store as well.
Off to pack for the weekend. Talk to you all again on Monday.

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