11 March 2010

Everywhere: Cargo pants

I've had an obsession with the perfect cargo pant since Balenciaga turned out these incredibly chic ones several seasons ago (below). I couldn't drop serious coin on them so I sought out similar styles and came away with a pretty great version from Express. But now that Balmain has created another must-have updated cargo, I'm like, geez, I need those. And again, not capable of dropping $4700 on them. So the search has been revived and I must say that J Brand and Tangler have given me some hope.
These are Tangler's Marrakech slouch style. $138 at Intermix.
Here's J Brand's Houlihan. Intermix is taking pre-orders for them now. $235
And here are Balmain's. $4,700 at Net A Porter


  1. $4700!!!! For those pants!!!! Are you kidding me?! Fashion is a complete mystery to me.

  2. I know, it's so crazy. I actually prefer the J brand style!