01 March 2010

Weekend project

The time had come this weekend to officially move my 2 year old, P, into a twin bed - bye, bye crib - and my 5 year old, C, into a double. P got C's twin bed (will post pics of that next week) and C got a new double. I decided that I would make a headboard myself (read: Mr. H would make it while bossed about by me) and I'm pretty thrilled with the results. He cut the plywood, and we stapled the batting and white cotton twill to the back of the wood frame.
I bought this nail head trim at Joanne's and we hammered away.
The entire reason behind making it myself is because I wanted my son and his friends to personalize it...to doodle, to draw, to scribble whatever they want on it. Since this was only about 2 hours of work and $60 to make, it was a fun solution to what would have been an otherwise way-too-formal-for-a-5-year-old-headboard.
I think it looks beautiful and I can't wait to see what fun characters and scenes he and his friends will scrawl on it.
C said I could draw something first since my birthday is around the corner.
I'll post pics as his artwork progresses on it. To see what his bed used to look like, click here for the feature that Christopher Wynn did on my home a couple of years ago.


  1. this is genius kristie. he's going to have a blast with that...can't wait to see how it progresses.

  2. Ok I am seriously impressed. Good job! Courtney