08 March 2010

Everywhere: American Apparel Kids

My 2.5 year old is a wee bit headstrong in all departments. And unluckily for this fashion writer who once swooned at the dress up fantasies I harbored when she was born, the child will now have nothing to do with anything I buy her. It's heartbreaking. But here is one thing I recently nailed: two-tone tights from American Apparel.
They instantly groovify any wacky get-up she's hell-bent on wearing and most importantly they're the first thing she now grabs. For $12, totally worth it and I feel like I have a little cred back.
Images from American Apparel


  1. these would totally appeal to my 6-year olds punky brewster tendencies!

  2. Oh, man, do I have the same problem with my daughter. And, for that matter, my mom had the same problem, too...