13 September 2011

Everywhere: Missoni Mayhem

After carpool this morning I stopped by Target to pick up some things for the house. On my way to get batteries I saw all the Missoni racks. It looked like the place had been looted. And mind you this was at 8:15 am, a mere 15 minutes after Target's doors opened.
I've never seen anything like this. You'd of thought there was a scavenger hunt for hundred dollar bills by the looks of the ladies racing up and down the aisles with their shopping carts overflowing with zig zagged dresses and pillows.
And I'm wondering: Is this because these women have always really loved Missoni, have pined for it and want their signature look at a great price or is the urgency to have a sweater a byproduct of the hype that's been generated by bloggers, Target's facebook page, and the media? What do you think? Is Missoni at $40 something you'd push another person out of the way for? Or is your dignity more valuable?
Or do people just want to resell the stuff on Ebay?
Target's website is even down this morning and I'm thinking it was overwhelmed with demand for the limited edition pieces.
The children's section did have a slew of darling sweater dresses and tights left over and I did end up buying some things for Pilar. But is it more meaningful to have a shopping cart full of Missoni for Target items for $800 - the woman in front of me - or better to just save that money and invest in the real thing? Thoughts?


  1. Dignity or zig zag stripes.....hmmm. I vote dignity and solids. And there should be a no pushing policy on the playground of fashion.
    I Love the photographs.

  2. I know! I was at 2 of the Austin stores this morning and missed out on a lot, including the bike. Sad.

    I designed a baby blanket as my love letter to the collection though, so that'll have to do. ;-) http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/diy/diy-missoni-for-target-inspired-crochet-blanket-vickie-howell-155863

  3. hmm...such good food for thought! you know I think i might opt for saving up for the real thing.

    but i am awfully tempted by the super cute kiddo clothes

  4. I would much rather just invest in the real thing. I was there early, but I'm just not going to push women around to get clothing--no matter how much I love Missoni. I did manage to grab a cardigan, hung it over my cart, and when I left my cart in the aisle to walk around the display, I came back to a cart MINUS my cardigan. Really? Since there were a million people there, I couldn't tell who it was, but, c'mon. Give me a break...P.S. I love this blog--sorry my first comment has some negativity to it, but I had to break it down. Target shoppers are nuts!

  5. Angela, I am so with you. And Jos, I'm with you, too. I did buy some kids clothes for Pilar. They are darling and I also didn't have to fight someone in the kids section so it was easy to get. But taking things out of people's carts? That's so crazy!! It's supposed to be in stores through October. Will Target be able to produce to fulfill the wants of consumers? I guess we'll see. And yes, I think I'd save for the real thing too.

  6. Dignity! People are greedy and obsessed with consumption-especially in Dallas. Aesthetically, Missoni looks cheap.