05 September 2011

Houston: Candylicious

I've been hearing about Candylicious for the past several months after a friend discovered it on a recent trip.
It's a candy store filled with all kinds of old-school and modern day goodies, a sweet tooth fantasy land.
But the real draw are the candy sculptures. Using a glue gun and a lot of creativity, they attached color coordinated candies to styrofoam numbers - perfect for birthdays or anniversaries - or custom shapes to make original centerpieces for parties or events.
My daughter had a Barbie cake for her birthday this year, but I think next year we'll go with one of their Barbies with the candy ball gown.
They can custom make any shape you want, be it a pirate ship, The Hulk, Superman, Dora. You name it, they make it and cover it in the sweets of your choice.
Candylicious, 1837 W. Alabama, 713.529.6500.

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  1. there is also one in the village! so overwhelming but a blast to go in and cure your sugar tooth!

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