17 September 2011

Round Top: The Prairie

Just when you thought you were far too into mid-century modern to ever swoon over shabby chic again comes Rachel Ashwell's new B&B in Round Top.
Set on 46 acres, the property has five homes situated around each other one of which is a common area/lounge where you can gather for meals and drinks.
The homes are perfectly outfitted in Ashwell's signature look: slip-covered sofas, Farrow & Ball wallpaper, flowers in jam jars, claw foot soaking tubs, and chandeliers.
Wouldn't this be a fantastic place to spend a family holiday, say, Thanksgiving or Christmas?
These beds look so unbelievably cozy. I think I'd sink into them and never emerge from the room.
I've wanted to do Round Top forever, but have hesitated because of the lodging - I'm spoiled, what can I say? - but this is more than perfect. I'm going. Who's in?
Photos courtesy of The Prairie By Rachel Ashwell

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