14 September 2010

Austin: Herff Christiansen

Herff Christiansen now has their fall collection online. I usually just buy at Forty Five Ten, but it's always fun to look at all the pieces online. HC is super-functional, chic, and because of its tonal color palette always very easy to incorporate into what you already own.
Patterns have never been my thing, so this is so perfectly me in every way.
Some of my favorite pieces include a cowl neck blouse, a extra-long sleeve drapey dress - I love to wear leggings underneath when traveling - a pima cotton tank, tiny bubble shorts with ribbed, and some fantastic pants that I think we're called motorcycle pants and are basically a modern day version of parachute pants.
Mary Herff was just in town last week an appearance at Forty Five Ten for Fashion's Night Out. She and her design partner, Randi Christiansen, made a limited edition scarf for the evening and I'm bummed that I didn't get one.

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