01 September 2010

Houston: Elaine Bradford

A while back dearest Brooke Hortenstine, co-editor at PaperCity told me about a fashion spread to appear in the September issue of PC that involved crochet-covered taxidermy animals. Brooke is super stylish and has hyper-discerning taste so I thought, well, maybe I just need to see those things to understand what the fuss is about. Well, I just saw them and I totally get it. Herewith, the funny, fabulous art of Houston artist Elaine Bradford.

Love those raccoons
Are you dying over the masked rabbit and squirrel?
It keeps getting better
Wait for it....
Brooke thinking about placing a personal
Click here to read Elaine's blog about her progress on her first permanent public installation at Houston's Vinson Neighborhood Library which involves crocheting a sweater for an elephant sculpture.
Photos courtesy of PaperCityMag.com