01 September 2010

Dallas: Pampered Soles

Earlier this week I had the fortunate experience of having a mani/pedi at Pampered Soles on W. Lovers Lane. I am not exaggerating when I tell you - and I can be prone to hyperbole - that is was the best mani/pedi I've ever had in my life. Now, as a writer of things fashion and beauty-related I've had several media manis, gratis scrubs and polishes from places at the top of the W hotel or in the basement of hotels named for the shape of a fading moon. And none of them compare to the utter serenity of what happened to me Monday morning.
The first obvious difference was that instead of chairs with attached tubs and water jets there were cushy leather recliners, each separated by a sheer panel for privacy. I picked from the killer polish selection - think Chanel, Dior, YSL, Butter, and nail salon staples OPI and Essie - and sat down to a cool drink, and herb crackers topped with goat cheese and pepper jam. My feet were then dry sloughed to smoothness before a plastic-lined tub of hot water was brought for my feet. Not only was this the most painless pedicure - there was no jabbing into my toe nail or knee jerk reactions to aggressive scrubbing - but the staff was thoughtful and kind, no one offered me a brow wax, and no one was yammering on their cell phone while they painted my nails. In a word: perfect.
Pampered Soles, 214.358.0006

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  1. mm sounds like a perfect pampering session indeed.