16 September 2010

Houston: Texas Artists Today

Last night I got to see something pretty fantastic: The unveiling of a book years in the making, Texas Artists Today. Dallas Contemporary board member Karla McKinley worked for three years on this project as book coordinator and last night at the Colton & Farb Gallery in Houston the finished product was shown to the public. McKinley flew a group of her friends down for the celebration of the limited edition tome (only 3,000 have been printed) and art auction at the gallery.
Karla had only seen a blad of the book and when we got off the plane, it was exciting to see her reaction to something she's worked so hard on.
Karla and Faye Walker hold the 260-page oversize book that surveys 62 Texas artists who are changing the way the world perceives the Lone Star State's creative landscape.
Poppy Massey, McKinley, and author Catherine D. Anspon
An Angelbert Metoyer was part of the auction last night.
I wanted this so badly, but was outbid about 10 seconds into it. It's made of inflated steel.
I know that animal prints are in this season, but......
End of the evening. Craig Massey, the book's project manager, artist Angelbert Metoyer, and Madison McKinley with the book.
Proceeds of Texas Artists Today benefit four non-profits including The Dallas Contemporary. The book will be available November 1 at Brazos Bookstore in Houston and The Dallas Contemporary in Dallas.

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