29 November 2010

Dallas: Wisteria

We need to talk about the preposterous notion that the new Wisteria Outlet across from Love Field is actually an outlet. I ventured over this afternoon and I left feeling like adding "outlet" to the name of the warehouse is a stretch.
Let me be clear: The merch is killer. Fabulous chairs, great couches, amazing coffee tables, and beautiful imported one-of-kind textiles. But everything - except for a true marked down section of really ganked up stuff in the back that had scratches or was missing a leg - was on average only about $20-30 less expensive than the catalog. I'm sorry, but $30 off something that's $700 is not an outlet price.
I get that you save on shipping for big pieces, but double digit savings on things that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars isn't deeply discounted enough to warrant the outlet name tag. .
Just know this going in and you'll be fine.
Otherwise head to over to Jakarta and Istanbul yourself to scoop up some genuine finds.

1 comment:

  1. I love that table in the last photo. thanks for the honest reporting. my mom and I just noticed it yesterday when we dropped my sister off at love field.