29 November 2010

San Antonio: Agate Ranch

One more thing for your night time sched this Thurs: Agate Ranch trunk show at Meadow in SA.
Agate Ranch designer Kathy Bracewell finally has her website up so you can check out her designs there, too.


  1. Well, helloooooo KR and thanks for the mention of Agate Ranch + Marfa trunk show in SA Thursday, Dec.9!
    I have been busily assembling beautiful slabs of West Texas agates into necklaces, pendents - even tree ornaments - to give your tree, or windows, an organic and interesting twist!
    Ya'll come sip and see - ya hear!

  2. Kathy, that's so exciting! Hope you like the piece in F|D Luxe. Thought it turned out really well!

  3. KR! The piece in F/D Luxe was fantastic, and what a beautiful magazine, too!
    Can't thank you enough!
    Great blog, too, you've got me as a follower!