24 November 2010

El Paso: Sara Beltran

Ooooh, i'm so excited! I hung out with El Paso-native Sara Beltran while I was in Jaipur - it's where she lives now - and I ordered a few things from her. She just sent me an email that my package of goodies is arriving today.
I know those look like shells, but they are actually semi-precious stones she carves to look like sea shells.
These friendship bracelets are woven in Mexico and then she sews on little carved stones and other silver and gold pendants. These were just in Elle.

This is the back of Sara. She's got this great messy blonde hair, smells like coconut oil, and has the best accent. I'm dying over her rings. They are cast from fossils and then she embeds polki diamonds into them.
Love these diamond necklaces, too. In fact I love everything! Nice way to begin the holiday.


  1. Her stuff is gorgeous. I want some! How can I order?

  2. I think you can email Sara through her website. My pieces just arrived and I immediately put them on. Love them!

  3. Wow! These are incredible. Hello, Christmas gifts.

  4. Thanks for the complements yes you can email me at info@dezsosara.com
    I had an amazing time in Dallas...
    Gracias amiga...xx