30 March 2011

Austin: Criquet Polos

I'm intrigued by Criquet organic cotton polos out of Austin. The brainchild of Hobson Brown (how can you not love that name?) and Billy Nachman, the two men matriculated through all-boys schools in Manhattan where the preppy staple was a requisite of their uniform.
It took them years to find the perfect polo and they always happen to be either handed down or from thrift stores.
They decided it shouldn't be so hard to find a shirt that's both presentable (read: no frays from years of laundering and wear), medium weight, and slim cut. So they created their own.
The vibe is old money Texas country club meets Wes Anderson meets Lone Star Beer in a ice chest floating down the Guadalupe.
And they have women's.


  1. These look JUST like the polos my uncles (by marriage who are now divorced from my dead father's insane sisters) used to wear back in the early 80s. Penguin on the pocket, pack of cigs in the pocket. All that's needed is some shortie shorts and tube socks. Stylin'.

  2. let me tell you, these shirts are stylin'. I own the ladies player in every color and the fit is right on too.
    Great mention for a good homegrown Texas brand.