16 March 2011

Dallas: Exhale on Gilt Groupe

Loves, I'm back. And after much lying about and drinking vodka from a water bottle - I was trying to save some money - I feel like a slug. It's time to whip this body back into shape, so manana I hope you're doing what I'm doing which is logging onto Gilt Groupe at 11 am (CST) to snap up some killer deals at Exhale Spa in Dallas.
There will be nail and body therapy deals to be had, but I'm clicking on these, almost too good to be true:
Mind Body 10 Pack
$143 Gilt
$220 Retail
6 Weeks Core Evolution
6 weeks of unlimited classes + 6 nutrition sessions
$775 Gilt
$1,200 Retail

Hopefully we'll both be gritting our teeth together in an upcoming class.


  1. Kristi, I have become a bit of a yoga fanatic since my running burnout last Fall. I joined Exhale with little experience and the teachers there are AMAZING. And I must say, the yoga has transformed my body more than running ever did! Thanks for passing along this great deal.

  2. Vodka in a water bottle sounds fun! What brilliant person thought that up?