29 March 2011

Everywhere: Whole Foods Juice Bar

My latest daily addiction is 16 fresh-squeezed ounces of carrot, cucumber, apple, lemon, and ginger juice, aka Zinger, from the juice bar at Whole Foods Market.
I told you that I've been feeling sluggish and I'd like to stop relying on coffee to wind me up every morning. I'm not sure I can completely give up lattes, but my glass of Zinger has been helpful at staving off that itch. Anyone else out there trying to wean themselves off the bean? I need some tips.


  1. I've switched to tea. Little bit of caffeine, but it still fills me up since it's a hot drink, if that makes sense. Plus I just feel so sophisticated sipping my tea in the morning, like I should be reading a Jane Austen novel while I'm at it. But I am definitely going to have to check out the Whole Foods juice bar as well!


  2. Ha, funny about the jane austen novel. I'm a tea drinker, too, so maybe I should do the tea in the morning and juice in the afternoon.

  3. I'm so big on coffee and am definitely in need of ways to cut back. I can't wait to try the Whole Foods juice bar! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Love it! After becoming a bit too friendly with the juice bar at WF, I bit the bullet and bought a juicer. Now I make organic green juice at home and it keeps well for a few days. It has been great to try veggies in there I would never normally eat, like beats and collard greens. It is a wonderful afternoon pick-me-up, and you can take this for what it's worth coming from a former caffeine addict. Now I do tea in the a.m. and juice in the p.m. and my frazzled nerves seem a little less so these days. :)