23 March 2011

Everywhere: Viviana Volpicella

For the last year I've been obsessing over Viviana Volpicella, the assistant fashion editor at Vogue Nippon.
I find myself constantly looking for pictures of her rainbow-colored ensembles for personal wardrobe inspiration. She's to blame for my recent purchase of a pair of tangerine orange pants from Zara.
Aside from being a gorgeous Italian with the best ear-to-ear smile, she puts things together in a way that I just don't have the moxie for.
Doesn't she just exude joyfulness?
Who wouldn't wearing those colors?
I'm copying all these outfits immediately. Don't act like you don't want to also.


  1. Her style is WOW, I can see why you like it.....what a doll! Can you see all us Dallas ladies trying to dress like that! Color everywhere! Thanks for sharing!

  2. agree! she is totally and completely fantastic!