11 March 2011

Everywhere: Birthday shoes

Today will mark my 9th time on a plane in the last two weeks. To say the least, I'm tired, behind deadline, and really want to sleep for more than 6 hours. The two things below, lovely birthday gifts from my husband, are making me feel a little better.
He's very good at buying gifts and his forte is shoes and handbags. My first pair of Manolos. Kinda had a moment when I got these.
I became obsessed with these leopard Miu Miu sandals after seeing them repeatedly on ManRepeller.com (the funniest style blog EVER). Found them on BlueFly and immediately clicked Buy. They were on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. Unadulterated joy. Big time.
I'm now off to pack for a little mother/son spring break trip to the beach. You have anything planned for the week ahead or will you be hanging out locally? Whatever you do, I hope you have a great spring break. See you next week. xxx

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