21 July 2011

Chilmark: In the house

Every summer home has particular provisions, but there are some that are absolute necessities. Here are a few requisites for a fruitful island stay.

Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar chips. I never knew that chips could serve as an app, but here they most certainly are.
I never eat English muffins at home, but here I can't begin my morning without one smeared with butter and jam.
Stones or shells from the beach Sharpie-scrawled with guest names for place cards.
The must-have reads: The Vineyard Gazette, The New Yorker, and a copy of The Island Book, the local yellow pages/phone book. I can't ever remember the number to the Chilmark Store or The Galley, so this is a must.
An accessible DIY bar. I can't believe that my husband actually found Tito's in Edgartown.
A well-stocked liquor closet. Thank goodness Our Market in Oak Bluffs delivers (I'm sure that Taylor from one of my favorite blogs, Miles to Go, can agree. See her Vineyard post here).
Lots of games. Never know when the weather is going to change and you have to be prepared for a rainy day lock down.
Books. Lots of them.
A collection of sea shells.
And I just love this shot. Who needs a television when grandma's outdoor cushions and a tea towel double as a spaceship?